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Champix is available in Starter Pack and Continuation Pack. Both packs cover a 2-week period.

In the Starter Pack, the first week is a blue strip with 0.5mg tablets only. The second week is a greenish strip with 1mg tablets only.

The Continuation Pack is made up of 2 strips of all 1mg tablets.

For the first week, the patient takes 1 tablet daily from the blue strip (i.e. 0.5mg) for the first 3 days. Then from day 4 to 7 of the first week, the patient takes 1 tablet twice daily (all 0.5mg tablets). The patient continues to smoke for the first week

For the second week on, the patient increased the dosage to 1 tablet twice daily (all tablets now 1mg).

Also, as of the first day of the second week (or the 8th day from the beginning of treatment), the patient stops smoking.

The course of therapy is for 12 weeks. If the patient is able to quit in 12 weeks but worried about relapse, he/she may use Champix for another 12 weeks to ensure “stay quit”.