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Health Canada has recently approved a new regimen Reduce-to-Quit (RTQ) which allows smokers to gradually cut down on cigarette consumption before making an abrupt quit attempt.


1st 4 months

Patient is to use Nicorette Gum whenever he/she has a craving to smoke, to a maximum of 20 pieces per day. Patient is to keep the smoke-free intervals as long as possible, while he/she is allowed to succumb and smoke one now and then. Nicorette Gum should be chewed slowly over 30 minutes. One may use the “chew-chew-park” method which involves chewing the gum twice and then park it in the cheek for 1 minute; repeat cycle.

End of 4 months

There should be at least 50% reduction is number of cigarettes smoked per day

At 6th month

Patient reaches Stop-to-Quit which means he/she stops smoking altogether and Nicorette gum is used to replace cigarette

At 9th month

Patient starts to gradually decrease the dose of Nicorette Gum. Patient should not stop the Gum abruptly, or risk nicotine withdrawal and relapse. Replace the displaced Nicorette Gum with sugarless gum

At 12th month

Patient stops using Nicorette Gum